Termites have a according

By | 2012-10-12

築物之泥層內,而可經不同渠道進入室內,此包抬建築物之夾口FAYETTE, Ind. - One of the peskiest household pests, while disastrous to homes, could prove to be a boon for cars, n the world. A recent CSIRO survey revealed more than one in every five homes had termite damage, with an estimated damage bill of more than $100 million every year. Termites have a according to a Purdue University study. Mike Scharf, the O. Wayne Rollins/Orkin Chair in縫、地縫、牆縫及渠槽等等。 一般採用傳統防治白蟻之方法,多需要鑽孔及將藥劑灌注或噴灑在白蟻容易匿藏之地方(此包括室外環繞建築物之泥層及室內木板牆身